About me

Hi, my name is Frederic Bartscherer...

...and I got early involved in web technologies. With more than 10 years of experience as entrepreneur I've built strong expertise in online marketing and software development.

I graduated with a Master`s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (www.kit.edu). Inspired by my experience in web technologies, in particular ranking algorithms of search engines, I focused my studies around the knowledge extraction from large data sets, in particular Business Intelligence and Linked Data [read more].


  • Online Marketing
  • Software Development
  • Linked Data
  • Business Intelligence


Publications and highlights of my research work

Linked Data

Linked Data

Linked Data Quality of DBpedia, Freebase, OpenCyc, Wikidata, and YAGO (2017): A survey with an in-depth comparison of the most popular knowledge graphes DBpedia, Freebase, OpenCyc, Wikidata and YAGO.

More information: [Link]

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Application of business intelligence concepts in business process management (2011): In-depth analysis of business intelligence concepts applicable for business process management, in particular Business Process Intelligence and Complex Event Processing

More information: [Link]

Entrepreneurial experience

Some of my projects...



Founder, focus on Marketing & Finance (2012 - 2017): Leading comparison website for long-distance bus travel in Germany and Europe.



Founder since 2004: Online Marketing Agency in Karlsruhe (a.k.a. KA) with focus on Online Marketing (SEO, SEM, SMO) and Software Development.


Questions? Get in touch!

Drop me a mail at   frederic@bartscherer.co